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Hello my dear friends, if you are also in class 9th or you are looking for multiple choice questions of Chapter 5 of English of class 9th, then let us tell you that you have come to the right place. Through this website, we will give you a total of twenty We are sharing important questions which are asked again and again in your examination.

Friends, in this post, a total of twenty important questions of Chapter 5 of English subject named The Happy Prince are being shared in this post. All these questions are asked repeatedly in the 9th class examination held in the State Board. Along with this, all these questions are also important for the class 9th examination to be held in Jharkhand Board.

Friends, all these questions are very important for the weekly examination and you are requested to share this post with your friends so that they can also do all these questions and get good marks in their examination.

 Chapter - 5 The Happy Prince

Subject - English

  • All questions are accompanied by four options out of which only one option is correct.
  • Frequently asked questions in exams.
  • All questions are important for your examination.

1. "The Happy Prince" has been written by-
  1. R. K. Laxman
  2. Ruskin Bond
  3. Oscar Wilde
  4. O. Henry
Ans. C: Oscar Wilde

2. In the square below there stands a little......
  1. A tiny girl
  2. A lamp girl
  3. A match girl
  4. A lonely girl
Ans. C: A match girl

3. The Happy Prince sent the sapphires to a .......
  1. Small boy 
  2. Match girl
  3. Playwright
  4. None of these
Ans. C: Playwright
4. High above the city, on a tall column stood the statue of .........
  1. The Rich Merchant
  2. The Sad Queen
  3. The Happy Prince
  4. The Mughal King
Ans. C: The Happy Prince
5. Who called the prince "The Happy Prince"?
  1. His Attendant
  2. His Disciple
  3. His Servant
  4. His Courtiers
Ans. D: His Courtiers
6. What was there for eyes of the statue of the happy prince?
  1. Gold
  2. Silver
  3. Brass
  4. Sapphires
Ans. D: Sapphires
7. The eyes of the Happy Prince were filled with..........
  1. Gold
  2. Diamond
  3. Sapphires
  4. Tears
Ans. D: Tears
8. When the statue of the Happy Prince was alive, he had a heart of.......
  1. Statue 
  2. Swallow 
  3. Human 
  4. Beast
Ans. C: Human 

9. All the next day he sat on the Prince's shoulder? 'he' in the sentence ? Who is
  1. The Match Girl
  2. Angel
  3. Councilor
  4. Swallow
Ans. D: Swallow
10. The Happy Prince sent a ruby to the..........
  1. Match Girl
  2. Seamstress
  3. Beggar
  4. Play writer
Ans. B: Seamstress
11. One night there flew over the city a little.........
  1. Parrot
  2. Pigeon
  3. Eagle
  4. Swallow
Ans. D: Swallow
12. "The Happy prince" was a beautiful.......
  1. King
  2. Statue
  3. Prince
  4. Boy
Ans. B: Statue
13. What is not allowed to enter in the Palace?
  1. Sapphires 
  2. Swallow 
  3. Sorrow 
  4. Joy
Ans. C: Sorrow 
14. Who could see the ugliness and all the miseries of the city?
  1. King 
  2. Minister 
  3. Queen 
  4. Happy Prince 
Ans. D: Happy Prince 
15. The seamstress was embroidering flowers on-
  1. A Satin gown 
  2. A table 
  3. A curtain 
  4. A wall
Ans. A: A Satin gown 
16. The little swallow came and sat on the...
  1. Window 
  2. Shelf 
  3. Statue 
  4. Wall
Ans. C: Statue 
17. Where had the friends of swallow gone ? 
  1. to Egypt 
  2. to Sweden 
  3. to Rome 
  4. to Greece
Ans. A: to Egypt 
18. The Happy Prince asked the swallow to become his
  1. Servant 
  2. Friend 
  3. Messenger 
  4. Advisor
Ans. C: Messenger 
19. The happy prince had two bright......... for his eyes.
  1. Sapphires 
  2. Ruby 
  3. Pearls 
  4. Moongas
Ans. A: Sapphires 

20. What was the statue of "The Happy Prince" covered with?
  1. Thin leaves of silver 
  2. Thin leaves of gold 
  3. Thin leaves of sapphire 
  4. None of these.
Ans. B: Thin leaves of gold 


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