Define System Calls With Example

System Calls : A system call in an OS is a process that provides a lito between the operating system and a running process. Requirement for example: Whenever any process is running in the system, and if the process requires some print to be executed by the operating system, then at that time the process is abandoned and a statement has to be called. Only those that can interact with the journal perform the necessary actions. And this special type of function is known as System Call in the Operating System. That is why it is known that system calls in the OS provide a partnership so that the running processes can communicate with the operating system. System connections are the main entry points to the system in the OS.

Types of System Calls in OS

There are mainly 5 types of system calls in os

File Management : File management is a system call used to handle operations related to files, such as creation, deletion, writing, reading, releasing, etc.

Device Management : Device Management is a system call used to handle device related tasks such as requesting a device, releasing a device, reading a device, logically attaching and detaching a device.

Process Control : Process control is a system call used to deal with processes, such as process creation, deletion, execution, abort of process, wait signal for process, etc.

Communication : Communication is a system call used to communicate between processes, such as sending or receiving messages, creating and deleting communication connections, etc.

Information Maintenance : Information Maintenance is a type of system call that is used to maintain system information such as setting the date and time in the system.

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